Saturday, November 10, 2012


As of today November 10, 2012 Little Miss Clara Jo is doing better. This precious little Angel has been through a lot in her little life.  I arrived in San Dioego to help my son and daughter in law during this very trying time.  Other family members were there helping out before I arrived.  A big thanks goes out to Gramma Laura, Aunt Beth,  Aunt Jennie, Aunt Mary and Aunt Hannah who were there for Danielle and Richie and are still there picking up and helping out.
Upon my arrival I was met at the airport by Danielle's Mom and we went directly to Richies and Danielles house where Richie bless his heart was holding down the fort with the older children Emma Eloise and Merle.  Shortly after I arrived and after Richie went to work Hannah came and gave me the updates which I already had.  While in San Diego Clara Jo had a few set backs,  she got an infection in her "pickline" which had to be taken out and an inline put in beneath that got clogged that had to be moved to her neck. She was put on a respiratory and medicated so she'd sleep and not mess with the inline. She underwent a transfusion because her hemiglobbin was low.  Then on Monday November 5th,  Clara Jo and her mommy flew to Oakland.  After assessing her they began treatments and according to her daddy she was removed form the respiratoy and breathing on her own.  I was talking with her daddy last night November 9th and she was making improvements. 
God has answered prays all the way down the line for not only Clara Jo but for her entire family.
Financing came thru from the drug company doing the Clinical Trails in this disorder.  They allowed Danielle to travel with Clara Jo on the medical transport.  And according to Mommy Danielle it was a very small plane.  Others donated day care time for the three older one still at home so daddy could work.  And still others provided financial help and dinners in the evenings to help Richie out while he holds up the home front.  God is still working in the families life and in the life of this precious angel.  Thank you to all who helped and who are praying for her recovery.  God is great and God is good.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Clara Jo

Such a tiny precious angel.  She has been through a lot in her little life here on earth.  At 10 months of age she has had to fight for her young life twice.  A few months back she underwent life saving surgery to open the plates in her head to allow for growth of her brain, and while that surgery was successful she has to undergo test on her optic nerve to see if any damage was done.  Now this precious angel is once again fighting for her life.  She has been diagnosed with a rare geneic disorder called "hypophosphatasia" .
This disorder causes brittle bones,  and at her young age she has had eight broken ribs.  Some are healed some are new.  Her momma Danielle took her to the Doctor for what she thought was the beginnings of a cold only to be told it was pnemonia, and then to find out she has this disorder.  What this does is it prevents "mineralazation" to occur, this prevents the calicum that makes the bones strong from going to the bones.  the calicum builds up in the blood.  Making her one very sick little girl.  there are other things that can go wrong but to say her life will be easy is an understatement.  But I know with prayer and Gods hand upon her she will be a blessed little girl.  You see God gave her to Danielle and my son Richard and they will do all within their power to see that she gets the very best treatments known. Danielle has not left her side since this all started.  She was the same when her brother was sick.  Danielle will love and nurture this precious baby.  Clara Jo is in Gods healing hands and God put her into Danielles and Richies hands to raise to become a blessing to this family.  All Praise to God the great healer and to the Blessing that God gave us  in Little Clara Jo.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Why write a blog that noone but yourself reads and writes in?  Why write a blog that in no way helps anyone?  Why write about things that excite you when no one cares?  I want to be positive but I feel like no one listens to me.  I feel like I'm a fly on a wall that sees so many things but no one can hear me speak or that I speack in a language that no one understands.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Today is September 10, 2012.  The weather is turning and it is beginning to get cooler.  With it for me comes depression.  It's a seasonal thing for me.  When the sunshine hides behind clouds of grey, I become grey.  I love the fall and winter season's but I hate feeling so tired and so depressed.  Dortors say to use a UV lamp but I find that for me it does not work. PArtly because I'd have to be under it for a while and I can't seem to sit still for long periods.  So I try to stay busy.  Trouble is I stay busy at things that are not important.  I am a lazy person.  I like a clean house but I hate doing all the cleaning and I especially hate when Glen makes the big messes he make and then expects me to clean it up. So....
I am going to try to concentrate instead on starting a study of "The Story".  Our church is starting this study at church but it's a night study and Glen won't go.  So I'll be doing this on my own.  I have gone to church at night but I feel like a third wheel so I chose to stay at home.
Another reason for my depression.  But I have lost my thoughts...
The Story is the Bible written in story form.  It's not different from the Bible except it does not have the verses marked.  And it has a timeline and at the back itr has questionas to answer.  So here's to trying to stay sane this winter.  Besides all that I am trying to remain positive no matter how I feel.  Thanks Pastor Rose for that teaching.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Today I had an interesting talk with Glen about being baptized.  He feels its not necessary and that it is just a show. That he believes that Jesus is his Savior in his heart.  He feels that once he is baptized he has to give up all his vises at once and that being the "selfish" man that he is , he's not ready to do that.
I showed him scripture where it is a command to be baptized.  And that God dosen't expect us to be perfect right from the start.  I told him that God forgives us even if we fall down.  I told him that we are like a baby learning to take his first steps.  He falls down many times before he can begin to run and that is what being a "New Christian is like."  We will have times when we fall down but God is there to reach out his hand to help us stand by forgiving us each time we fall.  I backed all I said with scripture and I told him just how much God loves us.  I even quoted my favorite passage that all know.  John 3:16  but I also quoted the scripture that follows,  The God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might live.  I truely Love the Lord.  He is an awesome God and he is a true loving parent.  In that he wants to be there for all who believe in him.  While my life does not always reflect what God means to me.  He is the center of my world.  In Joshua it says.(As for me and my house We will serve the Lord)  I truely believe that.  This house will serve God.  He is the center foundation upon which I will build.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Sometimes it seems that life in general sends us to many curve balls.  Many of our own making and I seem to have way to many curve balls in my life.
Over the past years I have learned many things about myself, in a way many things I've learned have come to late in life to change althought I will strive to make things right.
In many of my posts; many that I have re-read are not what I really wanted.  I wanted this blog to be Positive and uplifting and some of them are.  But I find that many are just plain negative.
In my last post positve in that I established my trust in God to take care of my precious Granddaughter Clara Jo which he did. And for which I am very greatful  She came throught her surgery with flying colors and is back to being her happy little self.  But it comes at a cost as all things do in life.  But not insurmountable costs.
I have five children: 2 sons and 3 daugthers.  Plus I have 2 stepsons and 1 stepdaughter plus all the spouses of each and all the grands.  Each one a blessing and a curse in their own rights but more blessings the curses.  Curses only in that I hear so very little from them but that is part of life.
And life is so very short and it is shorter in some families then in others. 
I recents months mortalityhas been brought home to me, in Clara Jos health scare and in the loss of an Uncle by marriage, and the loss of my sisiter-in-laws, mother-in-law.  Life is to short to harbor any missgivings and is also to short not to show how much we mean to each other.  Yes we each have our own separate lives but not to the exclusion of those who are our family members.
At 58, I should have something to show for my life,  oh I am not speaking of possessions but of accomplishments.
When I graduated high school 40 years ago I wanted to go to college and get a degree in education, instead I got married to a man a perfect stranger really and had 5 children thousands of  miles from my home with only a sister for advice and I did not get that advice from her.  But I did make a life for myself and I had those 5 beautiful children that are all special and wonderful gifts that brought purpose to my life.  But they are all grown and are all strong independant adults with familes of their own.  When I left home I had big ideals of being a strong Christian but I fell  flat there.  Yes I served the lord, I taught Sunday school, chilrdens church and was active in many aspects of the church but did I ever win anyone to the Lord.  Many would say that (you planted the seed that may have lead one day to salvation,)  but is that enough.
I know that I felled in my actions as a christian when I divorced my first and second husband,  and in making a third marriage.  But does that and should that condemn me to a life in hell or is it the guilt I carry and not trying to win said 1st husband to God and staying married.  Although Tom died a few years after the divorce was I wrong in divorcing him soully because he was an alcoholic.
Like I said life throws us many curve balls and we are many times the insturaments that throw them. I could go on ad on with this theme but Life in general is a result of the choices we have made ourselves and it is through  forgiveness of God that we can at least attempt to correct those mistakes if we but heed the chances God gives us to make those changes.  I for one want to make those corrections hoping that our father in heaven gives me the time to make them.
Until then any who read this may you too have the time to make the changes to your life if you think you need to.  Life in general is too short to have regrets.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Just a few days ago I found out that my precious youngest granddaughter Clara Jo has "Craniostanosis",  this is where the skull fuses before it should and does not allow room for the brain to grow.  While I won't go into all that this could do to my precious Clara Jo it's enough to scare me.     My son and daughter-in-laws precious angel has to under go major surgery on her head.  But the joy here is knowing that Jesus has his hand on that little girl and that she will come through this just fine.   I have got all I know praying for her and I know that she is in the best hands of all when it come to healing hands and that is the Lord himself.  I remember the words to a song.  "Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice."  Change one word and it becomes "Trust in the Lord always and again I say trust."  And that is what I am doing,  trusting know ing that my fahter in heaven has never let me down.   That oh so Precious Life is not ours, but Gods, and therefore it is in his hands now and always.